Pinddaan Puja

Pind Daan

In the Hindu religion, Haridwar is considered as one of the seven holiest places. The name means “Gateway to God.” It is the first stop in the Hindu religious pilgrimage which every Hindu is expected to make at least once in his or her lifetime. The most famous of India’s holy rivers, the holy river Ganga or Ganges River, starts to flow from Haridwar. The river is a favorite among Hindu devotees for taking a dip in the waters or bathing in it, in accordance to Hindu belief that doing so cleanses away worldly sins to achieve salvation or moksha. The Ganges River and its banks are well-known for the performance of the Hindu rituals for the dearly departed. One such ritual is the Pind Daan.

|| How do the dead attain Moksha? ||

To bring salvation to departed souls, Pind-daan is a mandatory thing for all Hindus and Hinduism followers. It is believed that no work can be successfully performed without the blessing of ancestors and doing of Pind Daan brings the blessings of the forefathersBy performing the rituals as per ancient texts and paying homage to the deceased ancestors, the dead soul attains mokhsa (salvation).The performing of pind daan as per the specific rituals at Gaya, Haridwar, Badrinath, Kurukshetra, Allahabad are considered as auspicious

|| Pind Daan in Haridwar ||

Haridwar being on the top of the list has much significance when it comes to Pind daan. The soul could be freed from the agonies of hell and sent to heaven by performing Shraddha or Pind Daan in haridwar.

|| The legends related to Pind daan in Haridwar ||

 As per mythological scriptures, Lord Rama offered Pind Daan to his father Dashratha at this place. It is believed that Rama belonged to Treta Yuga. This yuga covered 12,96,000 mortal years. After Treta, came Dwapar yuga covering 8,64,000 mortal years. This is the kali yuga. It is believed that this place has been blessed by purification powers. Hindus traditionally come here to perform pind daan to honor their parents or ancestors. Some people also come here to perform the last rites. By doing so, they help their family members to attain Moksha. It is also believed that if any person sacrifices his life by any means then he or she first of all enter the Preth yoni then enter the pitar yoni and after doing pind daan or sraddha they got moksha under the foot of Lord Vishnu in HaridwarApart from this spiritual texts like Padma Puran,Garud Purana, and Shri Bhagavad Gita also shows the importance of sraddha or pind daan in Haridwar