Vaasthu Shastra

Vaasthu Shastra

|| Importance of Vaasthu Shastra ||

Vasthu shastra is highly recommended for a better and healthier life. It is a proven and well-observed science which manipulates the forces of natures to work in favour of us. There are reasons why the experts advise us to follow vastu directions like not to have the Kitchen South East facing and why position the bedroom in the South East direction. In India, we are susceptible to South West winds, and kitchen is the place where we regularly interact with. With the impact of South west winds, there are chances of the fire amplifying which might result in harm. But on the contrary, bedroom is the place where we spend a great deal of time.

Circulation of air aids in a healthier and happier life and mindset. Vastu calculates the degree of rainfall, wind, sunrise and sunset to identify the ideal way to construct a house. If a house faces north then the effects of harmful UV rays from the sun on the threshold, where members of the house and guests assemble are highly minimized. Similarly, an East facing house has the advantage of being graced by the rays of the rising sun which bring life, vitamins and nutrients.Vastu is not a superstition and pseudoscience. It is rather a clever set of principles put together by our ancestors to bring betterment into our lives. Here are some benefits of following vastu shastra to attain a healthy and prosperous life.

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